Romanian pianist Oana Zamfir-Cocea has won several national and international competitions as a musical prodigy, among them: ProPiano (Bucharest), Victor Giuleanu (Bucharest), The Golden Lyre (Suceava), Romantic Miniature (Galati), and George Georgescu (Tulcea).

She has studied at the National Music University in Bucharest with Sandu Sandrin, at the Mozarteum Universität Salzburg with Akiko Sagara-Schuchter and at the Hochschule der Künste Zürich with Ulrich Koella and Hans-Jürg Strub. Oana earned degrees in solo piano, chamber music, pedagogy and lied accompaniment. 

As a chamber musician, she was invited to perform in Festivals such as Zürcher Festspiele (Zürich), Sommersprossen (Rottweil, Deutschland), Zemplin Festival (Sarospatak, Hungary), MasterWorks Festival (USA), Nae Leonard (Galati, Romania). She has performed with several artist such as Ingo Goritzki, Daniel Schnyder, Matthias Müller, Christoph Homberger, Simon Wallfish.She has been invited to be an official pianist of the George Enescu’s International Violin Competition and has been working as accompagnist at the Konservatorium Zürich. 

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